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Design by Studio Castiglia Associati

Forms, dimensions and materials to suit your space and taste
The characterising feature of the Aquo project is its handles. Modern lines, the measurement range and the application options of the opening system enable various configurations.
Castiglia Associati
Castiglia Associati
A new concept of the bathroom
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Aquo, modern lines and customization

Aquo bathroom: shapes, volumes and materials that comply with space and individual taste

Essential solutions lend space to imagination and creativity. This, in a nutshell, is the great strength of Aquo, the bathroom by the Scavolini Bathrooms line that allows for ...
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Χρώματα και Essenze

Aquo είναι διαθέσιμη στις ακόλουθες παραλλαγές

Scavolini Bathrooms

Changes in the bathroom

The bathroom, like the kitchen, is a room that has undergone numerous transformations over time. A greater attention for corporial wellness has transformed this space from a room ...
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