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Design by Gianni Pareschi

Scavolini’s new design for the bathroom is in true ‘made in Italy’ style. It uses high-quality solutions to transform the area of the home dedicated to well-being into an exclusive and prestigious space. This superb collection is designed to make the space dedicated to taking care of yourself unmistakable. The classical and the contemporary sit harmoniously side by side to create an absolutely personal style. 
Elegance, functionality and luxurious pleasure are expressed through an innovative design, unusual materials and surprising features.
This is all part of Scavolini’s refined programme of complete bathroom furnishing solutions: a fascinating range of solutions for a refined and demanding public.
Gianni Pareschi
Gianni Pareschi
Elegance, functionality and luxurious pleasure are expressed through an innovative design and unusual materials
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Retro style for the bathtub

Scenographic design for furnishing your bathroom

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Magnifica είναι διαθέσιμη στις ακόλουθες παραλλαγές


Comfort and prestige, quality and beauty. An exclusive bathroom furnishing project that re-interprets a classic design in a current style.

An exclusive and prestigious space where elegance, functionality and luxurious pleasure are expressed through unusual materials. Magnifica is a programme of complete bathro...
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