Tables&Chairs Backstage Catalogue


A range expanded with the addition of more versatile products and tailored to the latest market fashions

A project on which we have been working for several months: the creation of two new catalogue one for classical and one for modern style products, a project in which Scavolini believes a lot.

More than 700 pages, 500 photographs, 60 ‪‎tables‬, 70 ‎chairs‬, 40 ‪‎stools‬, a huge range to suit all tastes...

Θέματα και προϊόντα συσχετισμένα
Ανακάλυψε κι άλλα είδη σχετικά με τις θεματικές αυτές και τα προϊόντα για τα οποία γράψαμε
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